Although every national election holds a significance, this midterm election is fueled in a way so different than those of recent memory.

This midterm election carries the furious energy of the 2016 Presidential elections, and in many ways has only increased in intensity. Everything from the Muslim Ban to the Detention Centers, this past year has had an emotional toll on thousands of Americans. Former President Barak Obama has taken to the campaign trail, describing this midterm election as “one of those pivotal moments when every one of us as citizens of the United States needs to determine just who we are, and what is it that we stand for.”

The results of what occurs tomorrow will not only determine our future, but will act as our voice. We will finally be able to tell the world what we, as Americans, truly feel about this government and their policies. Democrats only need 23 seats to win the House! This win could potentially be the event in which our government begins to be held accountable of their actions, and although potential government scandals along with associated accusations or denials could possibly become our everyday news, justice will inevitably be served.

What can you do?

  1. VOTE. If it’s not obvious enough already. Make sure you schedule your day around your ability to vote. Alongside this, educate yourself on the candidates so you can truly make the best informed decision.


  1. Spread the word and encourage your loved ones, community members, and neighbors to vote as well. This midterm election is heavily dependent upon numbers. Make it count!


  1. If you’re not old enough to vote be sure to volunteer your time and encourage your parents, siblings, and folks who actually can to go out and vote and take advantage of this blessing to make history.


  1. Make Dua. Never forget that prayer and faith can move mountains.


Praying for a better tomorrow, make your vote count and you just might save us…