AssalamuAlaikum (may peace be upon you) VB Family,

It was my first time in California and upon my arrival back to Virginia, the term “California Dreamin” really hit me hard (it honestly is a dream guys- my husband and I were debating on moving there but obviously that’s never going to happen because well, you know, responsibilities). However, we’re more than ready to get back to work and spring the connections we made into action!

For those of you who weren’t able to keep up with our Instagram stories, my husband and I traveled to LA this past week to attend two conferences. The first, LA Textile, was a conference based solely on textiles. Suppliers and manufacturers from all over the world came to California Market Center and set up shop for three days. The second, LA Market, was a conference based on wholesalers. The wholesale companies were mainly based in the U.S. and sold everything from stationary items to jewelry and clothing. You can learn more about these conferences here.

My main goal for attending these conferences was to learn more about the industry as we further delve ourselves into it. Consequently, we were able to create new partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers worldwide. As for LA Market, my sole purpose was to learn and understand the process of wholesaling products to other retailers so that in the future I can be able to further my small business in this extremely lucrative market.

My biggest takeaway from this entire trip came down to my newfound development of extreme confidence in this market. That if I worked hard, played my cards right, practiced patience, and truly focused on the wants and needs of my customers, I can leave my mark in this industry and Insha’Allah (God willingly), I will.

With that being said, I’ve always been a firm believer that being an entrepreneur can change lives- not only for yourself, but for your society as well. Being able to create jobs, finding a solution to a pain many experience, having the flexibility with your schedule, and lastly, not being confined by the standards of the corporate world (biggest personal win!). I know it can be very scary to leave the comfort and enter into a world of uncertainty, but trust me, once you’re in it you’re never going to look back. So, what are you waiting for?

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Sana Mahmood